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social responsability

Dance has always united communities, peoples and cultures. From a collective identity, integration, inclusion and union for the benefit of the community are expected... 

Over time, dance has always played an important role in terms of interactions, rituals and even overcoming difficult times.


We no longer salute the sun, nor dance to make it rain, but we embrace people and continue to believe in the power of dance to communicate, celebrate, transform, change and help, together. 


Artemove was born, in 2011, from the passion for dance of Marisa Silva and Paula Careto.

Solidarity has always been a value and a principle that they have associated with their way of being in life and, as a natural consequence, also with their joint project, which has had, since its inception, several initiatives within the scope of social responsibility.


In 2013, the project CurAção, by Rita Luz, was born from her recovery process after a cancer situation. This recovery also passed through Arte Move, where he was able to dance again, a factor that proved to be decisive in his healing process.

At some point, we all have something to heal, change and transform in our lives, which in turn always touch the lives of others.

Why not do it together?


Hands and feet to work and a few pirouettes later, from this meeting, the project We Move - We Are Change was born in 2015, which represents exactly this joining of forces in favor of significant causes. A movement that challenges the students themselves, friends and family members, together with their academy, to get involved, thus contributing to a better world.


With the We Move project, we formalized Artemove's social responsibility area. We intend to continue promoting actions of solidarity and intervention in the community, using dance and art as privileged vehicles for growth and change.


Dance is made of affections and this project is just the desire to put these affections in motion, at the service of our community. From solidarity campaigns, grants, partnerships with local entities, flashmobs, workshops, with We Move we want to create bridges and bring people together through what makes us happiest -



Because we are the change we want to see in the world.


WE MOVE – we are the change.



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