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Angela Eckart

He began his training at the “School of Dance of the National Conservatory”.

In 2000 he went to New York, where he studies at the “Alvin Ailey School”, and in 2001 he obtained a scholarship to the “Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance”.

Her career as a professional dancer began in 2002, at the “CeDeCe” Company. In 2004, she joined the cast of “Lisboa Ballet Contemporâneo”, participating in shows inside and outside the country, as well as participating, as a guest dancer, in the prestigious “III International Dance Gala”.

Since then, she has worked as a freelancer, choreographer and assistant in several plays and projects, as well as being a dance teacher and choreographer in several schools, highlighting: “Artemove” in Cascais, and “Dance Spot” in Lisbon.

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